LG’s ThinQ AI Technology and the Future of Smart Living

LG’s ThinQ AI Technology and the Future of Smart Living

With many homeowners seeking more comfort and convenience in their homes, ubiquitous computing is enabling more devices to revolutionize how they live. In a digital era marked by the Artificial Intelligence (AI) explosion revolutionizing various fields including entertainment, science and healthcare, we’re seeing more consumer products with AI and IoT technology.

Through its ThinQ AI technology, LG Electronics (LG) company is offering AI-powered appliances that can be automated with simple commands while adapting to user habits. This integration, automation and more is what revolves around smart living.

By having connected devices, smart homes enable owners to remotely control various features of their homes including entertainment, lighting and security systems. This helps bring security, enhanced comfort, increased convenience and energy efficiency to homeowners.

With LG’s range of smart home appliances and devices, you can transform how you live, allowing you to manage your home remotely and help eliminate monotonous routines.

From LG’s smart energy-efficient air conditioners to LG Instaview Refrigerator with ThinQ, and washing machines with AI and Wi-Fi, all these are LG’s appliances that make your home smarter and more comfortable.

LG Electronics company introduced its ThinQ AI technology to its line of consumer products designed to simplify users’ lives by reducing the effort required for daily repetitive tasks. LG ThinQ comes with both visual and audio capabilities allowing users to interact with appliances through image and voice commands.

In addition, ThinQ AI-enabled products can learn from consumer patterns data and improve their performance according to this data.

The ThinQ app enables one to access these smart functionalities and convenience features.

LG ThinQ-enabled devices to consider

Choosing the right smart devices to help automate your home can be a major hurdle given the wide variety of options to select from. The following product lineups though not fully exhausted should provide you with an idea of what to go for.

With LG’s vision for AI in line with its “Life’s Good” theme, LG continues to push for new ways for users to interact with appliances. For example, you can make a request for an LG AI TV for a recommendation on shows to watch or music to listen to based on your preferences.

With integrations with AI assistants such as Alexa and Google Assistant, you can simultaneously watch your favorite programs as you explore new topics to learn. LG OLED TVs come equipped with ThinQ technology.

This, in addition to the exceptional picture quality, thrilling contrast and great aesthetics that come with LG OLED TVs provides a smart viewing experience. If you’re looking to upgrade your home entertainment, an LG OLED TV is a great choice to be at the centerpiece.

When it comes to smart kitchen appliances, LG’s ThinQ provides a platform for a smart experience. This brings even more control to your kitchen by allowing you to remotely control your fridge, dishwasher or oven directly from your phone.

LG’s Instaview refrigerators give you smart monitoring of your fridge and can even take stock of what is in there. The ThinQ app comes in handy when preparing meals. With it, you can access recipes online and send cooking instructions to a ThinQ-enabled oven. While cleaning dishes can sometimes be a monotonous chore, ThinQ allows you to start and stop the dishwasher as well as check the progress.

Once done, you’ll receive alerts and updates to ensure the process goes smoothly. In addition, the app lets you monitor cleaning cycles and can even add more cycles to dishes that require an extra touch.

ThinQ lets users get their laundry done right remotely with enabled washing machines allowing them to focus more on other duties. As with most LG smart devices, ThinQ-equipped washing machines come with AI and Wi-Fi enabled that support smart functionalities.

This includes the ability to remotely start, stop and monitor your laundry. You can also use Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to control your washing machine with just your voice. Additionally, you can pair your washer with a dryer. This will enable the two to communicate via Wi-Fi.

Once the washer is done the dryer will adjust its settings based on the clothes that have just been washed.

We can’t talk about comfort without proper air conditioning. LG’s smart, energy-efficient LG air conditioner helps provide a more controlled temperature throughout the year. With portable and mounted options to choose from, LG air conditioners provide sufficient cooling with little noise.

By using AI, they can adapt to user preference giving you personalized comfort. Using Wi-Fi, you can remotely control these appliances using the ThinQ app. In addition, integrations with assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant provide users with easier control using voice.


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