At 369-CS we are experts when it comes to your Printing, Branding and Promotional Product’s needs. With our cutting edge technologies, we get you the best quality results fast! Our Designing, Printing and Branding Services include but are not limited to:

Digital Services

Digital printing is the latest print technology and an equalizer between small businesses and large corporations. Before digital printing offset printing was the printing method businesses relied on

Doming Services

Doming is a printing technology where your branding material is coated with a transparent resin layer coating forming a dome.

Sublimation Services

This is a technique in which the ink is put into a coating by means of pressure and heating. Sublimation means a phase transition from a solid phase to a gaseous phase.

Large format Services

This is a printing technology that allows printing of material that is larger than the standard sizes such as A4, A5, A3, and others. Large format printing is also referred to as wide format printing.

Heat-Transfer Services

Heat transfer printing is the perfect printing technology if you need a few T-shirts printed for your business. This technology is recommended for printing limited quantities.

Print and Cut Services

Do you want a print out that you will cut out later? We make it easier for you. Our print and cut machine will print your artwork and precisely cut while it prints.

Vynyl Cutting Services

Vinyl cutting is used in creating symbols and shapes. Your design is cut out from a sheet of vinyl using a cutter.

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