CCTV Installation & Maintenance

We have a number of professional field engineers experienced and skillful in the CCTV networking processes network, i.e server configuration, switches and hubs deployment, IP addressing, DVR configuration, implementing remote access technology, as well as client stations configuration. 

Computer Repairs

We carry out computer cleaning, repair and maintenance – Are your company computers full of dust?

It is normal for company computers to break down or even dust to clog up in the machines. Such occasion can make your computers slow and less efficient, but how?

Network Installation & Maintenance

We take our time to come up with a design that can even accommodate future expansion with no data collisions. Based on the clients’ requirements, we provide free networking consultation to the client and advice accordingly on how to come up with the most efficient, economical and reliable network plan and designs.

Photography & Videography

Corporate audio-visual production – Increase your business marketing engagements

Many businesses have challenges on how they are going to come up with professional photography for their products or even documentaries to archive their processes.

Domain & Hosting

We are working on this…

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